Aim of the briefing

Safe Lives has developed a Toolkit which offers you national guidance and good practice for representatives of MARAC.

All areas run MARAC differently and this briefing adds local context to help you in your role as a MARAC rep in Somerset. Please see below the expectations required of you.

Before the meeting

• A Teams Invite is sent out prior to the MARAC Meeting to all MARAC representatives with the details of the call – time and date.
• Attached to the invite is a copy of the Agenda for that meeting.
• MARAC representative to research the cases and speak to the relevant worker about their role with that family.
• MARAC representative to log into Professional Choices prior to the meeting and log into the appropriate Virtual Meeting Room (South Somerset MARAC, Mendip MARAC, Sedgemoor MARAC and Taunton and West Somerset MARAC).
• MARAC representative to look at each listed case and update the MARAC Information form with relevant information on the family member. Information must be relevant to domestic abuse and the home situation and not generalised.

At the meeting

• MARAC representative will be asked by the Chair to update those present at the meeting with updates, their role and their information on the family members.
• MARAC representative to take notes (can be added directly onto Professional Choices – multiple people can update at the same time) and minutes for their colleagues.
• MARAC representative needs to include the recording of actions and make sure they are agreed with the Chair before the end.
• MARAC representative must stay for the whole meeting, unless previously agreed, even if the case does not seem relevant to them. All MARAC representatives have a voice and can put their ideas forward.

After the meeting

• MARAC representatives must update their own client records with the information from the MARAC.
• MARAC representatives to pass on any actions from the MARAC to the worker.
• Actions must be completed in the time agreed by the MARAC Chair and the MARAC representative, must ensure this is done and it’s updated on Professional Choices.
• If actions cannot be completed by the agreed time, this must also be added onto Professional Choices.