What is Somrset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service?

Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service is Somerset’s main specialist service which provides support to men, women and children who are affected by domestic abuse.

They provide:

  • Outreach Support in the community
  • Refuge (female) and Safe-house¬†(male and female) accommodation
  • Programmes of support to men and women, including for those who want to change their abusive behaviour in intimate relationships and victims who wish to break the cycle of abuse.
  • Support to children and young people affected by domestic abuse.
  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisor service for high risk adult victims
  • Counselling services

If you would like more information, please phone the Somerset Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0800 6949 999 or email yourfirstsidas@theyoutrust.org.uk.

Referring to Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service

If you’re a practitioner that would like to make a victim referral to the Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service please see the ‘How to make a referral‘ page

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